.netLIVEHELP Mail Ticket Support

.netLIVEHELP MailTicket is a complete solution for email based support that is seamlessly integrated with .netLIVEHELP Support Chat. This provides intelligent ticket assignment, transfer and routing based on operator loading, dynamic message masking and more.

.netLIVEHELP support suite consists of 2 complete solutions for support. One live chat and support interface and one mail ticket support system.

Mail Ticket support

1) The customer submits an email to the department address as they would any other normal email message using their favorite email client.

2)The server will acquire and log the message to the request thread and assign a ticket number. It will then select an operator based on load and other stickiness settings and send the message on to the best suited operator. This enables you to improve the customer experience by preferentially sending the message to the same operator that responded the most on that ticket and only transferring to another operator in case of a specific delay in operator response time.

3) The operator checks their email with their favorite email client and replies to the customer email. If they have a delay or issue, the server is keeping track of the elapsed time and may reassigned it to another operator if needed. When the operator replies, it also goes through the server so a full log of the conversation is maintained for archival purposes.

The UI for chat is the console application. The UI for tickets is your favorite mail client. Messages are automatically assigned and sent and you respond, the full thread history is maintained in a centralized database and message hand offs occur. The operator can also use the console to review past tickets, close tickets and transfer tickets.